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The lifetime commission means that you will continue to receive a 40% commission on any subscriptions from your referred clients as long as they remain active subscribers to Synthesys. There is no limit to the duration of these commissions; they continue for as long as the subscription is active.

Commissions are paid monthly. Once you have accumulated earnings above the minimum threshold, payments are made via PayPal or direct bank transfer. Ensure your payment details are up-to-date in your affiliate dashboard to receive timely payments.

Sales are tracked using your unique affiliate link. When a potential customer clicks on your link, a cookie is placed on their browser, which tags their account with your affiliate ID if they subscribe. This process ensures that you are credited with the referral.

Yes, there is a minimum payout threshold of $100. This means you must earn at least $100 in commissions before your earnings can be disbursed.

An active referral is a user who has signed up for Synthesys through your affiliate link and maintains an active paid subscription. Referrals become inactive if their subscription is canceled or if a payment fails and is not resolved within a reasonable period.

No, you do not need to be a customer of Synthesys AI Studio to be an affiliate. However, having firsthand experience with our products can enhance your ability to promote them effectively.

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Highest Industy Recurring Comissions

Enjoy a 40% commission that continues for the lifetime of every active subscription you refer.

Low Churn Rate

We have a churn rate of almost 10% and keep improving it. What does it mean for you? Commissions month after month from a single referral.

Long Term Affiliate Partnerships

99% of the affiliates that joined us through the years are still with us! This is what it means to be a part of the Synthesys AI Studio family.

How To Start Promoting Synthesys

Discover what you could earn based on different referral scenarios

Example Assumptions:

* All referrals purchase a subscription and maintain it for the duration of the payment period (monthly or yearly).

** Monthly earnings are multiplied by the number of referrals to calculate total earnings per month.

*** Annual earnings are based on the assumption that monthly referrals continue for 12 months

Boost Your Earnings

Monthly Leaderboard Challenge

End each month on a high note by aiming for the top three spots on our sales leaderboard. Achieve at least 100 sales to qualify for additional cash prizes, with the highest earners receiving exclusive rewards.

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